John Ward facilitates meetings. He helps people think bettertogether by making murals on walls and digital screens during retreats and workshops. John has also pioneered the development of Kinesthetic Modeling, a hands-on facilitation method that elicits images directly from the hands and minds of his clients. He then creates powerful follow up documentation and strategic communications pieces. Drawing quite literally on a lifetime of business and design experience, John is a big picture thinker with a keen ear for organizational
dynamics and important learning opportunities.

The world’s best organizations are inherently visual. They see the importance of careful observation and insightful thinking. They know they must have visionary strategies and clear communication to succeed. When people work with John they can see their ideas develop. Their imagination flourishes. Their performance in meetings goes up and stays up. John leverages people’s innate intelligence and brings them together to accomplish their goals with increased effectiveness.


John works globally with leaders
and strategic thinkers in many industries and sectors. His fresh and unbiased
point of view is a key contribution to his clients. A representative sample
Bovis Lend Lease
California Department ofTransportation
Chiron Corporation
City of Citrus Heights, California
Hewlett Packard
New Jersey Schools Construction Corp
Ohio Education Association
Russian River Valley Winegrowers
Santa Rosa Press Democrat/New York Times Company
Solectron Corp (now FlextronicsInt’l)
Sonoma Learning Systems
Sonoma Valley Worm Farm
Texas Health Resources
Tom Peters Company
University of Chicago
US Government
BFA – Carnegie Mellon University – Industrial Design
University of Chicago Graduate School of Business
MBA program
MFA – Art Institute of Chicago –Photography & Sculpture
Early Years – Self-taught woodworker, lived three years in a Zen lay-monastery
Hard Knocks MBA – founded and ran 15 person design and woodworking firm for 13 years
Diplomat, Steward: Board Member, Tropical Forest Foundation, Smithsonian Institution
Process consultant, facilitator and visual thinker specializing in Organizational and leadership development and learning. Learning to live and speak in two cultures: the US and Mexico.

Contact:  johnward  (at) manyminds (dot) com