Kinesthetic Modeling Workshop San Francisco, March 20, 2010

Learn to use KM in your practice. This workshop is geared to facilitators, coaches, and consultants. In one day you will experience the process, learn what makes it tick and become familiar with how to facilitate KM with your clients. Julie Gieseke, a Bay Area coach and facilitator is presenting with me. She’s an experienced KM user and teacher. The session is graphically facilitated. You will receive copies of all photos, session graphics and the latest version of the “KM Facilitator’s Guide. It will be held in San Francisco or Sausalito. The fee is $250. Attendance is limited to 20 participants.

Glenn Hughes, John Ward and David Sibbet debriefing a model at VizThink09

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: There are half a dozen posts on this blog that explain the process and its uses. Scenes and information from last year’s workshop can be found it the post called COACHES use Kinesthetic Modeling To register contact me, John Ward, with a comment below.

Geoff Ball, John Ward, Charles Tack, Chance Massaro and Elena Duharme at the KM workshop in Berkeley in 2009



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