KM – Workshops – 2009


The KM process is designed to tap every person’s innate ability to express themselves visually. There is almost no learning curve for participants. However, if you decide use KM in your coaching practice or as a facilitator with small teams in your organization you will need to need to come to our workshops. They are held frequently in the San Francisco Bay Area, Washington DC area, and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico*. And there is one planned for Montreal to tag onto the IFVP (International Forum of Visual Practitioners) conference there in August.
Tomi Regina Session
KM workshops are experientially driven. We do the things you will want to do with your clients and colleagues. Then we discuss the KM principles behind the activities. The KM concepts and process are fully documented. The fee is $150 US. Specific locations to be announced.
March 28 – San Francisco Bay Area – OCSC Sailing School, Berkeley Marina
May 9 – Washington DC Area
June 7 – San Francisco Bay Area
August 1 & 2 – San Miguel de Allende, Mexico*
August 8 – Montreal, Hilton Montreal Bonaventure
September 12 – Washington DC area
November 7 – San Francisco Bay Area
December 28 & 29 – San Miguel de Allende, Mexico*
* – It takes 2 days to hold a 1 day workshop in San Miguel – something about Mexican time! The September and December sessions coincide with Festival San Miguel and Christmas rituals respectively that make the trip alone worth making.
We hope you will join us.
Contact John Ward for more information at johnward (at) manyminds (dot) com


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