Kinesthethic Modeling at the VizThink09 Conference


VizThink is an annual conference of designers, artists, media and technology people who gather to explore the edges of what it is to think visually. Participants at this year’s event in San Jose, California will be able to have a go at Kinesthetic Modeling. We are providing a 90 minute hands on introduction to the KM process at 2:00pm Monday 23 February. I am being assisted by an international team of co-facilitators. Nick Payne from the UK, Julie Gieseke from San Francisco, Regina Rowland from Vienna and San Francisco. And I will be coming up from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

So you can be sure that the session will be graphically facilitated from four distinct perspectives.  Perhaps there will be some twitterers in the room to keep you posted. We will upload session material as soon as it is available to the Many Minds and VizThink blogs.

We used Kinesthetic Modeling methods to get a strong start on planning our VizThink session. Leslie Salmon Zhu is showing off the model below.

Leslie Salmon-Zhu


Planning for VizThink09 using KM. Back in November, Lynn Carruthers, resident visual thinker at the  Global Business Network hosted our first planning meeting in San Francisco. She knew we would be modeling and she wanted to get a feel for our process. We had also invited Leslie Salmon Zhu an experienced graphic facilitator to join us. After about two hours we arrived at four understandings that have guided our planning for the session. First, vizthinkers will be joining our session from a variety of perspectives. We will try to inspire them all and give something useful during the workshop.  Second, it will be a hands-on experience that will be a lot of fun. Third, the room and the material will have a symmetry with a clear delightful message at its center. And finally, people will be experiencing the process kinesthetically from the moment they enter. The room itself will model the process. We will let you know how things pan out. Stay tuned.

Today while gathering VizThink08 photos I came across this one of me drawing during the ArtTrain workshop. Thanks to Thinkwink for posting the photo on flickr. I’d like to give you a credit by name. Please get in touch. I think everyone is looking forward to powerful return engagement!


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